125 mL Corning® ProCulture Glass Spinner Flask with 70 mm Flat Center Cap and 2 Angled Sidearms

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L618-4500-125 1/CS $524.32


• 125 mL capacity
• 70mm center neck and 32mm sidearm neck diameters
• Side baffles enhance aeration and agitation of flask contents
• proprietary “stretch” impeller design ensures optimal stirring
• Sidearm designs permit easy access of 25 mL pipets
• Vessels are borosilicate glass and other parts constructed of rugged FDA approved materials
• Consistent height to width ratios for greater predictability in scale up across the full range of vessel sizes

  • Baffles enhance aeration and agitation of contents of the flask.
  • Unique impeller design ensures optimal stirring.
  • Sidearm designs permit easy access of 25 mL and 50 mL pipets.
  • For Corning spinner flask accessories, visit www.corning.com/lifesciences.

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