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The Corning ® FiltrEX» 96 well white filter plate with 0.2 µm hydrophilic PVDF membrane was designed with your application needs in mind. Specific design features include:

• Meets the ANSI/SBS1-2004 through ANSI/SBS 4-2004 standard dimensions to ensure automation compatibility
• Rigid sidewalls make the plate ideal for automation handling
• Wide skirt easily accommodates bar codes
• Individual filter discs are sealed in the wells by a proprietary over-molding process to ensure 100% integrity of each well
• The design of the nozzle prevents cross-contamination while allowing the plate to rest on the lab bench
• 350 µL working volume
• Sterilized by gamma radiation

Corning FiltrEX filter microplates meet standard ANSI/SBS footprint dimensions for microplates. The rigid side walls make the microplate ideal for automation and the wide skirt accepts bar codes. Individual filter disks are encapsulated in the microplate by a unique process that ensures 100% integrity of each well. The design of the nozzle prevents sample cross-contamination and wicking. Glass fiber filter microplates can be used for a variety of applications, such as plasmid isolation, DNA purification, PCR clean-up, or receptor/ligand binding assays. They are a cost-saving alternative to DNA prep kits. Use the low-binding hydrophilic PVDF membrane for lysate clarification, protein kinase assays, or bead- or resin-based separation assays. For additional application information, visit our Technical Resources section at