12mm Snapwell™ Insert with 0.4µm Pore Polyester Membrane, Sterile

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• A modified Transwell permeable support containing a 12mm diameter 0.4 µm pore polyester membrane supported by a detachable ring
• Once cells are grown to confluence on the Snapwell insert, the ring can be placed in a vertical or horizontal diffusion chamber. [Diffusion Chambers are available through Harvard Apparatus (www.harvardapparatus.com)]
• Sterilized by gamma radiation
• Packaged in 6 well plates

The Snapwell insert is a modified Transwell culture insert that contains a 12 mm diameter tissue culture-treated membrane supported by a detachable ring. The inserts are primarily used for transport and electrophysiological studies. Once cells are grown to confluence, this ring-supported membrane can be placed into either vertical or horizontal diffusion or Ussing chambers.