6.5 mm Transwell® with 3.0 µm Pore Polyester Membrane Insert, Sterile

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• 10 µm thick transparent polyester membrane
• Treated for optimal cell attachment
• Packaged 12 inserts in a 24 well plate, 4 plates per case
• Excellent visibility under phase contrast microscopy
• Sterilized by gamma radiation

Permeable supports, also known as cell culture inserts, are an essential tool for the study of both anchorage-dependent and independent cell lines.

You can use cell culture inserts to:

  • w Produce a cell culture environment that closely resembles an in vivo state
  • Allow polarized cells to carry out metabolic activities in a more natural manner because the cells feed both apically and basolaterally
  • Co-culture cells with or without cell-to-cell contact
  • Design a diversity of experiments using various pore sizes, membrane types, and coatings 10 µm transparent membrane
  • Treated for optimal cell attachment
  • Excellent visibility under phase contrast microscopy
  • Supplied in multiple well plates
  • Sterile