Adenna DARK LIGHT Black Nitrile Powder Free (PF) Exam Gloves, 1000/CS

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Adenna (DLG67) DARK LIGHT Black Nitrile Powder Free (PF) Exam Gloves.

Adennas Dark Light Black Nitrile Powder Free Exam Gloves have an average 9 mil thick finger thickness, providing the extra protection and stronger resistance to wear and tear that you are looking for. It is one of the thickest black color nitrile gloves on the market.

Dark Light¨ gloves are very popular among mechanics and is ideal for spray painting application as these gloves are thicker to protect against painter thinners, paints and light chemicals while you work.

These gloves are also great for law enforcement agencies, military, correctional facilities, homeland security, laboratory, mid to heavy mechanics and industrial applications.

Though they are 9 mil thick, yet our unique formulation makes these gloves softer and more stretchy than other 5 mil or 6 mil nitrile gloves, to fit comfortably on the hands.

Material: Nitrile

Color: Black

Finger Thickness (avg.): 9.0 mil

Length (min.) < 240 mm Surface Finish: Textured

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