Adenna Silver-Latex Exam Glove, PF, 1000/CS

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G106-SLV330 X-Small $108.14
G106-SLV332 Small $108.14
G106-SLV335 Medium $108.14
G106-SLV338 X-Large $108.14


Adenna (SLV330) Silver-Latex Exam Glove, PF.

Looking for a smooth surface, non-textured powder free latex exam grade glove? Adenna Silver Latex Powder Free Examination Gloves have non-textured surface that is ideal for procedures when smooth, silky surface gloves are preferred.

They are formulated by a polymer coated process to maintain a white color appearance. Though they have non-textured surface, they yet possess a non-slip, ‘tacky’ surface for very good grip and good handling of tools and equipment.


Material: Rubber Latex

Color: Natural White

Finger Thickness (avg.): 5.5 mil

Length (min.) < 240mm

Surface Finish: Smooth


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