Adenna Vitex-Synthetic Vinyl, Exam Glove, PF, Smooth, X-Small, 1000/CS

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Adenna (VTX990) Vitex-Synthetic Vinyl,Exam Glove,PF,Smooth, X-Small.

VITEX™ Synthetic Powder Free Exam Gloves are made of a special PVC blend. With an exceptional snug fit and some stretchability, they are less baggy than regular vinyl gloves and provide better tactile-sensitivity.

They come in a creamy beige color that makes them look like latex gloves. They are 100% rubber latex free eliminating the risk of developing latex protein related allergies.


Material: Vinyl

Color: Creamy Beige

Finger Thickness (avg.): 3.9 mil

Length (min.) < 240mm

Surface Finish: Smooth


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Weight 225.12 oz
Dimensions 12.5 × 10.375 × 9.625 in
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