Amphotericin B/Penicillin/Streptomycin Mixture

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Amphotericin B, Penicilllin, Stretomycin Mix is useful for reducing the chance of microbial contamination. Recommended for use in cell culture applications at 10 mL/L.

  • Convenient mixture of the antibiotics and antifungal agent in one bottle.
  • 100X concentration, just dilute 1:100 in the culture medium

Penicillin-Streptomycin-Amphotericin B is a broad spectrum bacteriostatic and bactericidal, with activity against gram negative and gram-positive organisms including yeast and mold.Penicillin acts by inhibiting bacterial cell-wall synthesis. Streptomycin inhibits prokaryote protein synthesis by preventing the transition from initiation complex to chain-elongating ribosome and causes miscoding.

Amphotericin B interferes with fungal membrane permeability by forming channels in the membranes and causing small molecules to leak out.Antimicrobial spectrum: Includes Gram-negative bacteria, Gram-positive bacteria, fungi and yeasts.

The antibiotic antimycotic solution of Amphoterecin B-Penicillin-Streptomycin is used to minimize the potential of microbial contamination when propagating primary cells or continuous cell lines in culture.


Penicillin-Streptomycin-Amphotericin B Solution is used to reduce the chance of microbial contamination while propagating primary cells or continuous cell lines in culture. It is recommended for use in cell culture applications at 10 mL/L.

Product Contents

Contains Amphotericin B 250 µg/mL, Penicillin 10,000 Units/mL & Streptomycin 10,000 µg/mL


Storage Conditions: -10℃ to -20℃

Shipping Condition: on dry ice

Sterile Filtered

Cytotoxicity Tested

Product and/or packaging contains recycled/renewable content Product and/or packaging is recyclable or reduces waste Product and/or packaging is safer to human and environmental health

UNSPSC: 41122100

Harmonization Code: 3822.00.5090


Max Shelf Life: 24 months

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