Axygen 1.7 mL MaxyClear Snaplock Microcentrifuge Tube, Polypropylene, Spectrum, Nonsterile, 5000/CS

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Axygen MaxyClear microcentrifuge tubes are available in a variety of colors. Axygen Maxymum Recovery® surface and sterile options are also available. SnapLock microcentrifuge tubes have frosted cap surfaces and frosted side panels, ideal for labeling. Each cap features a piercing port in the center of the cap. Microcentrifuge tubes with no caps are available for some sizes.

  • 0.6 mL, 1.5 mL, and 2.0 mL clear microcentrifuge tubes are certified to be boil proof. Colored tubes are not boil-proof.
  • Co-polymer tubes offer exceptional strength and chemical resistance. Not certified to be autocalvable or boil-proof.
  • Clear microcentrifuge tubes are boil-proof. Colored tubes are not boil-proof.
  • Maximum G-force is 14,000 RCF.
  • RNase-/DNase-free and nonpyrogenic
  • Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10__
  • Color – Assorted: Each pack contains a mixture of blue, green, violet, orange, red, and yellow.
  • Color – Spectrum: 2 packs each of blue, green, orange, red, and yellow.

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