Axygen 2.0mL Self Standing Screw Cap Microcentrifuge Tube and Cap, with O-rings, Polypropylene, Cap, Non-Sterile, 4000CS

ItemSizeList PriceQty
P657-SCT200SSA Assorted Cap $717.03
P657-SCT200SSB Blue Cap $701.85
P657-SCT200SSBR Brown Cap $701.85
P657-SCT200SSC Clear Cap $640.04
P657-SCT200SSG Green Cap $701.85
P657-SCT200SSGR Grey Cap $701.85
P657-SCT200SSO Orange Cap $701.85
P657-SCT200SSP Pink Cap $701.85
P657-SCT200SSR Red Cap $701.85
P657-SCT200SSV Violet Cap $701.85
P657-SCT200SSW White Cap $701.85
P657-SCT200SSY Yellow Cap $701.85


Axygen 2.0mL Self Standing, Screw Cap Tubes feature screw caps that provide a tight secure seal.

Country of Origin: MEX

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corning labware

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