Axygen® Automation Tips for PerkinElmer® Janus®/MultiProbe, 175 µL, Liquid Level Sensing, Filtered, Sterile

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Axygen® offers a comprehensive line of tips for PerkinElmer® automation systems. These tips are manufactured to stringent specifications under strict process controls and assembled via automation to ensure consistent performance and quality. Tips are RNase-/DNase-free and nonpyrogenic. Available in nonsterile, sterile, non-filtered and filtered. Clear and Conductive Black polypropylene tips are available in 96-well format designed for PerkinElmer® Janus®/MultiProbe Variospan-1, 4, 8 head.

  • 175 µL Liquid Level Sensing Tips
  • 96 Tip format
  • Conductive Black Polypropylene
  • RNase-/DNase-free
  • Nonpyrogenic
  • With aerosol-resistant filters
  • Sterile
  • Compatibility: PerkinElmer® Janus®/MultiProbe Variospan-1, 4, 8 head
    • Tip format: 96 tip
    • Tip volume range: 20 μL to 1,000 μL
    • Tip material: Clear polypropylene
    • RNase-/DNase-/human gDNA-free
    • Nonpyrogenic
    • Available options:
      – With or without aerosol-resistant filters
      – Nonsterile or sterile
    • Compatible heads: Variospan 1, 4, 8, P235
    • Rack format: ANSI/SLAS
    • Rack material: Polypropylene
    • 1 mL rack format: Non-ANSI hanging tip rack
    • Rack material: Polycarbonate