Axygen AxyPrep FragmentSelect-I Kit, 1/CS


Post DNA shearing, the library construction process for next generation sequencing mostly requires fragment selection regardless of the platform. Obtaining high recovery post fragment selection is becoming an important contributor for the reduction of sequencing bias. The Axy- Prep MAG FragmentSelect-I Kit is optimized for Illumina next generation sequencing platforms and Life Technologies (SOLiD») fragment size selection needs in the Roche/454s DNA Genome sequencer library construction workflow. The AxyPrep MAG FragmentSelect-I Kit utilizes a unique paramagnetic bead technology for quick high through put optimized DNA size selection suitable for various next generation sequencing platforms.

  • AxyPrep MAG FragmentSelect-I Kit optimized fragment selection chemistries for Illumina® and SOLiD
  • Versatile and flexible sequential fragment size selection: No gels needed
  • Efficient removal of primer-dimers: No need for further clean-up steps
  • Manual and automation-compatible
  • Scalable: Tube, 96- and 384-well microplate formats
  • No centrifugation or filtration required

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