Axygen® PCR 50 µm Aluminum Sealing Film For Thermal Sealing and General Sealing Purposes, Nonsterile

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Axygen® microplate sealing films are designed for applications ranging from PCR and Real-Time PCR to ELISA and cell culture. Axygens sealing films are the easiest and most cost-effective method for sealing plates. They can be used in wide temperature ranges, making them suitable for many applications.

  • Provides exceptional seal on multiple well plates with a wide range of reagents and temperatures
  • When used in conjunction with Axygens compression mats, seals during thermal cycling
  • Ideal for light-sensitive samples
  • Uniformly applied adhesive provides optimum well sealing
  • Axygen microplate sealing films are designed for applications ranging from PCR and Real-time PCR to storage. They can be used in a wide range of temperatures making them suitable for nearly any application.


    • Allows effective gas exchange for cellular and bacterial cultivation, while reducing contamination
    • Seals polypropylene and polystyrene culture microplates, 96-well microplates, 384-well microplates, and other assay microplates

    UltraClear, pressure-sensitive

    • Seals 96-well and 384-well PCR microplates
    • Film clarity allows optical analysis during Real-time PCR.
    • Pressure-sensitive adhesive; no tacky residues that can interfere with optical analysis


  • Uniformly applied adhesive provides a tight seal on multiwell microplates under a wide range of temperature conditions and reagents.
  • Seals during thermal cycling process when used in conjunction with Axygen compression mats
  • Ideal for light-sensitive samples
  • CyclerSeal

      li>Tight seal across entire plate safeguards sample during transport or storage
    • Reduces well-to-well contamination and cross-over in PCR applications when used with Axygen compression mats


    • Polyester-based with uniformly applied acrylic adhesive reduces the edge effect in sensitive ELISA assays
    • Suitable for use on tissue culture microplates, short-term storage and incubation, transport, and containment of biohazardous solutions