Click’s Medium : RPMI-1640 (1:1)

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RPMI 1640 is suitable for a wide range of anchorage independent cells. RPMI 1640 Medium is commonly supplemented with 10% Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS). Although, RPMI-1640 has been shown to support the serum-free growth of a number of cells.

  • With 2.0 g/L sodium bicarbonate
  • With HEPES buffer


RPMI-1640 medium was developed by Moore et al., at Roswell Park Memorial Institute, hence the acronym RPMI. The formulation is based on the RPMI-1630 series of media utilizing a bicarbonate buffering system and alterations in the amounts of amino acids and vitamins. RPMI-1640 medium has been used for the culture of human normal and neoplastic leukocytes. RPMI-1640 when properly supplemented, has demonstrated wide applicability for supporting growth of many types of cell cultures.

The original Click formulation was published in 1972 and is a modification of Eagle’s Minimum Essential Medium with Hanks’ salts (HMEM). RPMI 1640: Click;s Medium (1:1) has increased concentrations of many essential amino acids, addition of non-essential amino acids, sodium pyruvate and nucleic acid precursors.

Wilson & Horster used the 1:1 mix of RPMI-1640 and Click’s medium to study the differential response of defined distal nephron epithelia in culture. RPMI-1640 Click’s medium is frequently used for the suspension, washing and culture of T-cells.


Storage Conditions: 2°C to 8°C

Shipping Condition: ambient temperature

Sterile Filtered

pH: 7.0 ± 0.2

Osmolality: 300 ± 5% mOsm/Kg H2O

Product and/or packaging contains recycled/renewable content Product and/or packaging is recyclable or reduces waste Product and/or packaging is safer to human and environmental health

Harmonization Code: 3821.00.0000


Max Shelf Life: 24 months


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