Corning® 1536-well Black/Clear Bottom Low Base Cyclic Olefin Copolymer Poly-D-Lysine Coated Microplate, 20 per Bag, without Lid, with Bar code on Long Side, Nonsterile

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  • No logo or lettering for improved heat sealing and ease of liquid handling
  • Low base designed for optional bottom reader sensitivity
  • Excellent signal dynamic range due to low background fluorescence and enhanced signal intensity
  • Superior flatness -minimizes variability within a plate and between plates
  • Flat bottom wells are compatible with automated dispensers including the PerkinElmer FlexDrop™
  • Working volume of up to 10 µL
  • Barcoded

Corning 1536-well microplates are our highest density microplates available for high throughput screening. The microplates conform to standard microplate footprint and dimensions. These microplates are offered in solid black and white polystyrene, with round or flat bottoms, and in black-clear bottom formats.

  • 127 μm film thickness
  • 536-well low base, black/clear or white/clear bottom microplates
  • Bar coded
  • Custom bar codes available for compatibility with the Kalypsys system and with UHTS systems
  • Low auto-fluorescence
  • Broad chemical resistance including DMSO and alcohol
  • High mechanical stability
  • Optimized for flatness and uniformity
  • Low birefringence

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