Corning® 1536-well Black/Clear Flat Bottom Polystyrene TC-treated Microplate, 10 per Bag, with Lid, Sterile

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• Designed for fluorescent homogeneous cell-based assays
• Compatible with standard readers and automation
• Compatible for bar coding
• Superior performance compared to competitor plates: Lower CVs, higher signal-to-noise ratios, and Lower background fluorescence
• Processed for superior flatness with minimal variability within plate and between plates
• Recommended working volume of up to 10 µL

Corning 1536-well microplates are our highest density microplates available for high throughput screening. The microplates conform to standard microplate footprint and dimensions. These microplates are offered in solid black and white polystyrene, with round or flat bottoms, and in black-clear bottom formats.

  • Total well volume of 10 μL for round well microplates and 12.8 μL for flat bottom microplates
  • Recommended working volume up to 8 μL
  • Round well bottom for reduced air entrapment and improved CV values and Z factor
  • Raised well bottom for higher sensitivity
  • Flood reservoir on four sides to reduce instrument contamination
  • Lids are available separately. Corning lid (Cat. No. 3098) is compatible with these microplates.

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