Corning® 1536-well Black/Clear Round Bottom Ultra-low Attachment Spheroid Microplate, with Lid, Sterile

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With their novel and proprietary design, these microplates are ideal for generating and analyzing 3D multicellular spheroids in the same microplate. The Ultra-Low Attachment (ULA) surface enables uniform and reproducible 3D multicellular spheroid formation. The black opaque microplate body shields each optically clear, round bottom well from well-to-well cross-talk.

1536-well format allows for high throughput 3D cell culture
Optically clear round bottom with black opaque microplate body
Covalent attachment of Ultra-Low Attachment surface to reduce cellular adhesion to well surface
Novel well geometry aids in the generation of uniform, single spheroids across all wells, which enables automated visualization.
Unique design shields each well to minimize well-to-well cross-talk.
You can culture and assay spheroids in the same microplate, without the need for transfer to a new microplate.
Compatible with the GNF ultra high throughput system

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