Corning® 245 mm Square Low Profile BioAssay Dish without Handles, not TC-treated

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  • The new Low Profile Square BioAssay Dish was designed specifically to fit the Genetix ñQî Bot®, which requires dishes with lower sidewalls.
  • Actual inside bottom surface dimensions are 224 x 224mm wide and inside height is 12.5mm
  • Manufactured from optically-clear virgin polystyrene
  • Not treated for cell attachment, for applications where cell attachment is not desired
  • Without handles
  • Sterilized by gamma radiation and certified nonpyrogenic
  • Have stacking beads to aid in handling
  • Compatible with automated colony picking instruments
  • Square bioassay dishes are made from polystyrene and are nonpyrogenic. They are packed with lids and are designed with a stacking bead so that they will stack securely without _slipping. The dishes are compatible with automated colony picking instruments.

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