Corning® 384-well Black/Clear Flat Bottom Polystyrene NBS Microplate, Low Flange, without Lid, Nonsterile

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(This is the suggested replacement for 3655)

  • Black wall plates have low background fluorescence, minimal light scatter and reduced crosstalk
  • Nonbinding (NBS) surface is a Corning proprietary treatment technology used on polystyrene microplates to create a nonionic hydrophilic surface (polyethylene oxide-like) that minimizes molecular interactions
  • Ideal for reducing protein and nucleic acid binding at low concentrations, and increasing assay signal to noise
  • Ideally suited for fluorescent assays using either top or bottom detection plate readers
  • Recommended working volume of up to 20 to 80 µL
  • Conforms to standard microplate footprint and dimensions
  • Suited for fluorescent and luminescent assays using either top or bottom detection microplate readers.

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