Corning® 384-well High Content Imaging Film Bottom Microplate, with Lid

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High optical quality Cyclic Olefin film black microplates are ideal for performing high content cell-based assays using imaging systems.

  • High optical quality Cyclic Olefin film
  • Film bottom thickness of 127 µm is well suited for imaging microscopy
  • Well bottom flatness <50 µm to ensure planarity for imaging devices
  • Low background fluorescence and minimal crosstalk to provide the highest possible optical quality for cell based assays
  • 384 well microplate geometry eliminates reagent loss due to
  • With an ultra-clear film, a 127 μm film thickness, and an unprecedented flatness (whole plate and intra-well), these microplates are ideal for high resolution cellular imaging applications. The microplate and film are manufactured from cyclic olefin copolymer (COC), which has excellent optical properties, chemical resistance, and mechanical stability.

    • COC material allows for broad chemical resistance (including DMSO) and high mechanical stability.
    • Ultra-clear film with 127 μm thickness is well suited for imaging micropscopy.
    • Inter- and intra-well film bottom flatness within 50 μm and 10 μm, respectively, optimized for high content applications
    • Low auto-fluorescence and birefringence

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