Corning® 384-well Low Volume Black Round Bottom Polystyrene High Bind Microplate, 10 per Bag, without Lid, Nonsterile

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(This is the suggested replacement for 3678)

• Square well top for easier robotic pipetting
• Round bottom for better Z factor and minimized trapped air
• Conical well molded in the shape of a light cone for efficiency
• Recommended working volume of 2 to 20 µL
• Black walls reduce well-to-well crosstalk and autofluorescence during fluorescent assays
• High binding surface is a general purpose surface that binds medium (>10kD) and large biomolecules possessing ionic groups and/or hydrophobic regions
• Binding capacity is approximately 400 to 500ng IgG/cm²

Designed to reduce well-to-well cross-talk during fluorescent and luminescent assays.

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