Corning® 384-well Optical Imaging Flat Clear Bottom Black Polystyrene TC-treated Microplates, 20 per Bag, with Lid, with Generic Bar code, Sterile

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Generic bar coded Corning microplates are now available in stock and ready to ship. Code 128 bar code format ensures compatibility with most bar code scanning and software systems. To avoid mix-ups, the surface treatment of the microplate wells is easily identified in the human readable portion of the bar code (NT = not treated; TC = tissue culture treated; NB = nonbinding surface).

  • Labels applied to all 4 sides of the plate
  • No sequence number duplicates
  • Exceptional print quality and resolution
  • Resistant to commonly used laboratory reagents
  • Resistant to temperature ranges of -80_C to +52_C
  • See Product Details below for bar code label specifications
  • Microplate Features

  • Ideal for whole cell or subcellular high content screening
  • Can be used with high throughput confocal imagers, and has been optimized with the Amersham InCell 3000 Analyzer
  • Ultra flat thick well bottom is designed for high throughput imaging by minimizing microscope refocusing from well to well
  • More economical solution than glass bottom plates
  • Better cell growth and attachment than glass bottom lates
  • Black opaque walls to prevent well-to-well crosstalk/li>
  • TC-treated for optimal cell attachment
  • Suited for fluorescent and luminescent assays using either top or bottom detection microplate readers.

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