Corning® 384-well White/Clear Flat Bottom Low Flange Polystyrene Not Treated Microplate

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(This is the suggested replacement for 3706)
25 per Bag, without Lid, Nonsterile
Ideally suited for luminescent assays using either top or bottom detection plate readers Recommended working volume of up to 20 to 80 µL Conforms to standard microplate footprint and dimensions Not treated (or medium binding) polystyrene surface is hydrophobic in nature and binds biomolecules through passive interactions Is suitable primarily for the immobilization of large molecules, such as antibodies, that have large hydrophobic regions that can interact with the surface Untreated microplates have a binding capacity of approximately 100 to 200ng IgG/cm²

Suited for fluorescent and luminescent assays using either top or bottom detection microplate readers.

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