Corning® 5 L Baffled PETG Erlenmeyer (Fernbach Design) Flask with Vent Cap

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P659-431285 $508.29


The Corning 5 L Erlenmeyer flask is designed to help scale-up suspension culture with space efficiency in mind. The flasks are sterile and ready-to-use, ideal for shaker culture applications, and storage.

  • Available with baffled bottom
  • Molded-in graduations for accuracy
  • Large vent cap for continuous gas exchange while ensuring sterility and preventing leakage
  • Highest Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10-6
  • Certified nonpyrogenic and RNase-/DNase-free
  • Made from optically-clear olyethylene terephthalate(PTEG)