Corning® 500 mL Polypropylene Centrifuge Tube with Plug Seal Cap and Dip Tube, Sterile, 1 per bag, 2 per case

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Corning® 500 mL polypropylene (PP) Sterile Closed System centrifuge tubes arrive individually double bagged and pre-assembled. The caps have two ports: one port ends in a 0.2 µm filter, and the other port is chemically resistant, heat sealable flexible tubing, ending in a male Luer. Dip tubes, where available, reach all the way to the bottom of the flask for easy aseptic transfer during your liquid handling process.
These centrifuge tubes are ideal for applications requiring large volume centrifugation. Please check our Technical Information Listing for information on the physical and chemical properties of Corning plastic centrifuge tubes as well as important suggestions for safe use.

  • Support cushions (Catalog No. 431124 for 500) must be used with this product unless the centrifuge rotor has appropriate V-bottom cushions.
  • High Density Polyethylene plug seal caps
  • Maximum RCF of 6,000xg.
  • Tubes are sterile and certified nonpyrogenic
  • Extra cap is included for centrifugation
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