Corning® 96 Half Area Well Solid White Flat Bottom Polystyrene TC-treated Microplates, 20 per Bag, with Lid, Sterile

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• This microplate has half the growth area of a standard 96 well plate
• Flat bottoms with 190 µL total volume
• White walled plates enhance luminescent signals and have low background luminescence and fluorescence
• Opaque walls to prevent well-to-well crosstalk
• Nonreversable lids with condensation rings to reduce contamination
• Sterilized by gamma radiation and certified nonpyrogenic
• Bulk packed 20 per bag

  • Designed to reduce well-to-well cross-talk
  • White microplates enhance luminescent signals and have low background luminescence.
  • Black microplates have low background fluorescence and minimize light scattering.
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