Corning® CoolCell® LX, Cell Freezing Container, for 12 x 1mL or 2mL Cryogenic Vials, 4-Pack, Purple, Orange, Green, and Pink

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Corning CoolCell LX, in combination with a -80°C freezer, will provide alcohol-free freezing at the rate of -1°C/minute that is ideal for cryopreservation of most cells and cell lines. Using a combination of uniform-density cross-linked polyethylene foam, a solid state core, and radial vial symmetry, freezing profiles are consistent and reproducible. The foam is non-absorbent and will impose negligible change in the freezer environment; thereby protecting nearby frozen samples. The low heat content also ensures that CoolCell LX containers will rapidly return to room temperature when removed from freezer.

For 12 standard 1.0 mL to 2.0 mL cryogenic vials.
Numbered wells for easy sample identification.
Beveled lid for secure gripping and easy opening.

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