Corning® CoolRack L, Light Weight, Insulated Module for 12 x 15mL Centrifuge Tubes

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Corning CoolRack thermo-conductive tube modules eliminate variability which originates from tubes placed directly into ice, dry ice, alcohol baths, water baths and other temperature sources. Place the CoolRack module directly onto a temperature source between -196°C to >100°C and it will rapidly adapt to that temperature.

  • Thermo-conductive base and insulative exterior
  • Ensures +/- 0.1°C temperature uniformity across all tubes when cooling, snap freezing, heating or thawing.
  • All CoolRack modules may be autoclaved, high heat sterilized or decontaminated with bleach, alcohol or other disinfectants or lab detergents.
  • Suggested applications include cooling reagents such as restriction enzymes, dNTPs and antibodies, alcohol-free dry ice snap freezing of tissue, virus and bacteria samples and bench top cryogenic tube sorting in liquid nitrogen.
  • Certain CoolRack modules are SBS-compatible.
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