Corning® Disposable Aseptic Transfer Cap for 3L Plastic Spinner Flask, _ Dip Tube, 0.2 µm Vent, Male MPC, Sterile

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Corning Spinner Flask Aseptic Transfer Caps will both reduce contamination risk and enhance the productivity of your cell culture operations when adding or removing medium and cells. Aseptic Transfer Caps are sterile (10-6æSAL), individually double bagged and fit the side arms on 3L Corning Disposable Spinner Flasks (Cat. No. 3563). Made from high density polyethylene. Autoclaving is not recommended.

  • Chemically resistant, heat-sealable, flexible tubing, 1/4 ID, 3/8 OD
  • 24 tubing length, with connector
  • For Use with: 3L Disposable Spinner Flasks (3563, 3581).
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