Corning® DMSO-resistant Cyclic-Olefin Universal Microplate Lid, Nonsterile

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• Tinted amber for light-sensitive assays
• These standard height lids are made of cyclic-olefin which is 100% DMSO-resistant
• Lids do not fit Corning 2 µL 1536 well microplates
• Nonsterile

  • All lids are made of rigid polystyrene except where indicated.
  • All lids have a corner notch on the A1 corner (except where indicated) to correspond to the corner notches found on all Corning® microplates.
  • The universal lid without a corner notch (Cat. No. 3098) does not need to be oriented in any particular direction to be placed on Corning microplates. The lid also has a shorter skirt than standard lids.
  • The black universal lid (Cat. No. 3935) is suitable for fluorescent and other light-sensitive assays.
  • The DMSO-resistant cyclic olefin copolymer (COC) lid (Cat. No. 3085) is tinted amber in color for light-sensitive assays and is 100% DMSO-resistant.
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