Disposable 100 mm Aseptic Transfer Cap for 5L Plastic Erlenmeyer Flask, 0.2 µm Vent, Male MPC, Sterile

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Closed cell culture systems help reduce the risk of adventitious contamination during drug development and manufacturing. Corning offers closed systems accessories with vessels to help transfer liquid aseptically. The internal end is a rigid polypropylene dip tube designed to reach the bottom of the flask. The venting port ends in a 50mm diameter vent filter with a 0.2 µm pore PVDF membrane and a barbed fitting. The liquid transfer port uses a 1/4 OD) chemically resistant, heat sealable flexible tubing on the external side of the cap ending in a male plastic coupler (MPC) male disconnect with a sealing cap.

  • Double bagged for GMP applications
  • Animal component free vessels
  • BSE/TSE compliant accessories
  • SAL 10__ sterilization
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  • Customizable solutions