Disposable 43 mm Aseptic Transfer Cap for 1L Plastic Erlenmeyer Flask, 1/8 Dip Tube, 0.2 µm Vent, Male Luer Lock, Sterile

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These Corning® Erlenmeyer Flask Aseptic Transfer Caps are sterile (10__ SAL), individually double bagged and fit the 1L Corning® Polycarbonate Erlenmeyer flasks.

  • The venting port ends in a 50mm diameter vent filter with a 0.2 µm pore PVDF membrane and a barbed fitting.
  • The liquid transfer port has an internal end with a rigid polypropylene dip tube angled to reach the bottom of the flask and on the external side a 1/8 inch ID (3.2mm), 1/4 inch (6.4mm) OD chemically resistant, heat sealable flexible tubing ending in a male Luer lock (MLL) closed with a female Luer sealing cap.