HTS Transwell®-24-well Permeable Support with 0.4 µm Pore Polyester Membrane and 6.5 mm Inserts, Sterile

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• Treated for optimal cell attachment
• 0.4 µm pore polyester membrane
• 12 HTS Transwell-24 units loaded trays
• Reservoirs may be purchased separately (catalog number 3395)
• Sterilized by gamma radiation

HTS insert plates are arrays of individual cell culture inserts connected by a rigid, robotics-friendly holder. This single-unit design makes insert plates ideal for running automated, high throughput drug transport (Caco-2 cells) cell toxicity studies or cell migration and invasion studies.

  • The HTS Transwell-24 permeable support has an array of 24 wells with membrane inserts connected by a rigid, robotics-friendly tray that enables all 24 Transwell supports to be handled as a single unit.
  • Cell growth area is 0.33 cm²/well.
  • Choice of either polyester (PET) membrane (0.4 µm pore size) or polycarbonate (PC) membrane (0.4 9m and 3.0 µm pore sizes)
  • Treated for optimal cell attachment
  • Individual pack has two HTS Transwell-24 units loaded into two open reservoir trays and two individually wrapped 24-well plates.
  • Bulk pack has 12 HTS Transwell-24 units loaded into 24-well plates only. Reservoirs may be purchased separately.
  • Sterile