LB Agar 1.5% (Lennox)

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LB Agar 1.5% Lennox provides all nutritional requirements of these organisms. LB Agar 1.5% Lennox contains half the sodium chloride level of the Miller formulation of LB Agar, allowing the researcher to select the optimal salt concentration for a specific strain.

  • Just autoclave to melt and pour.


LB Agar 1.5% Lennox is nutritionally rich. It was developed by Lennox for growth and maintenance of pure culture of recombinant strains of  E. coli. These strains are generally derived from E. coli K12, which are deficient in B vitamin production. This strain of  E. coli has been further modified through specific mutation to create an auxotrophic strain that is not capable of growth on nutritionally deficient media.

LB Agar 1.5% is useful for propagation of  bacteriological stocks, as well as plating and screening bacteriological clones.


Storage Conditions: 15°C to 30°C

Shipping Condition: ambient temperature

Autoclave Sterilized

Max Shelf Life: 6 months from date of manufacture

Product and/or packaging contains recycled/renewable content Product and/or packaging is recyclable or reduces waste Product and/or packaging is safer to human and environmental health

UNSPSC: 41106200

Harmonization Code: 3822.00.5090


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Safety Data Sheet 340-025
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