PYREX 100mL Kuderna-Danish Concentrator Tube with Circulation Jacket

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L618-2157-100TJ 1/CS $297.22


These innovative 100mL PYREX concentrator tubes combine the concepts of a Kuderna-Danish flask and tube into one piece of glass apparatus. The 100mL capacity permits sufficient solvent capacity for the full extraction process. They have 24/40 Standard Taper outer joints, are supplied with one Keck clamp and are designed for use with the PYREX Accelerated One-Step extractor/concentrator, it is jacketed and permits circulation of hot water through the jacket to boil the solvent during extraction/concentration. The bottom portion of the tube is never heated, so the sample wont boil dry. Threaded tubulations on the water jacket are 8mm. I.D. This product requires the assorted hardware (6 connectors and 12 washers) found in No. 2158-CW for use with the threaded tubulations on the water jacket.

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