PYREX® 14×100 mm Heavy Wall Rimless Ignition Tube

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These 14x100mm PYREX® ignition tubes are made from No. 7740 glass and are satisfactory for most applications encountered in school work where temperatures above 600°C are not required. These rimless tubes perform well when continually used at temperatures up to 500°C, or for short periods to 600°C.

These new culture tubes with flat bottoms are ideal for plant tissue culture and general culture work. The flat bottom facilitates use with agar slants. Walls and bottoms are of uniform thickness. The tubes are rimless for greater convenience in plugging and rack storage. Optional polypropylene two position closure. Position closure open for gas exchange or closed for humidified environment. Internal drip ring minimizes contamination.

For closures, see Cat. Nos 26796-38, 26797-38, 26794-25, 26795-25, 26798-40, and 26799-40.


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