PYREX® 15 mL Disposable Glass Conical Centrifuge Tubes, without Screw Cap

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L618-99502-15 125/CS $131.37


(This is the suggested replacement for 99501-15)

These disposable 15 mL Pyrex® glass centrifuge tubes are manufactured from Type I borosilicate glass and have a GPI 15-415 thread. They are supplied without caps. The tubes are designed to withstand centrifugation up to 3,000 RCF and are packed in convenient, easy to use packs, which are shrink-sealed for protection during shipment. For reusable phenolic screw caps with white rubber liners, see No. 9999-152, for reusable phenolic screw caps with Polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) faced rubber liners see No. 9998-15, for disposable phenolic screw cap with rubber liner, see No. 99999-15.

These tubes feature more consistent uniform wall thickness, a well formed conical tapered tip, and durable tip radius. The tubes are designed to withstand centrifugation up to 3000 RCF.

Screw caps are sold separately. Product is supplied nonsterile.
For screw caps, see Cat. Nos. 9998-13, 99999-13 to fit Cat. No. 99502-5; see Cat. No. 9998-15, 99999-15 to fit Cat. Nos. 99502-10, 99502-15; see Cat. Nos. 9999-24 to fit Cat. No. 99502-50.

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