PYREX 2.4L Small Top Desiccators with 24/29 Standard Taper Stopcock

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L618-3121-150 1/CS $396.19


(This is the suggested replacement for 3118-160)This 2.4L PYREX desiccators has a rugged 24/29 Standard Taper external sleeves with tooled hose connections that serve as the stopcock. It is designed so that its manipulation is not affected by the vacuum. To introduce vacuum into the desiccator, loosen the stopcock to disengage the PTFE plug from contact with the glass. A half turn from this position closes the desiccator. This design eliminates the need for grease. The tubulation O.D. is approximately 12mm. Approximate bowl volume capacity is 2400mL. For replacement bowl, see No. 3081-150LO; for cover, see No.3121-150CO; for replacement stopcock see 3121-STPK.

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