PYREX® 5 mL Class A Precision Bore Micro Buret with Glass Standard Taper Stopcock

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• HTS Transwell®-96 permeable supports have an array of 96 wells with permeable inserts connected by a rigid robotics-friendly tray
• Product includes: HTS Transwell®-96 permeable support insert, receiver plate (96 wells for growth or assay steps) and 1 sterile lid; 2 sets per case
• 5.0 µm pores size PC (polycarbonate) membrane
• Membrane area for cell growth or cell migration is 0.143 cm² which is 20-50% greater than other brands
• Large apical and basolateral access ports
• Automation optimized design with multi-channel feeder ports, improved gripping surface and bar coding
• All membranes are treated for cell attachment
• Receiver plates are untreated
• Lid _ minimizes evaporation and protects against contamination

These burets are designed for precise analytical methods in microchemistry. Precision bore tubing throughout the body assures accuracy between any two points. Funnel top facilitates addition of reagents by pouring, or by suction from below, through a rubber-stoppered tube. Tips are tapered to assure smooth flow. Stopcocks turn freely, yet give positive control and are of 2 mm bore. The capacity tolerance on these burets is established by ASTM E-1189 and are calibrated in accordance with ASTM E-542.

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