PYREX® 50 mL Class A Precision Bore Buret with Glass Standard Taper Stopcock

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L618-2130-50 1/CS $260.82


• Treated for optimal cell attachment
• 0.4 µm pore polycarbonate membrane
• 2 HTS Transwell-24 units loaded into two open reservoir trays (catalog number 3395) and two individually wrapped 24 well plates
• Reservoirs may be purchased separately
• Sterilized by gamma radiation

Precision bore tubing is used to assure accuracy between any two points. Durable colored grad_uations are sharply defined and easy to read. Carefully ground standard taper stopcock gives precise control. Each buret is supplied with a dust cover. All sizes furnished with a 2 mm bore stopcock plug. The capacity tolerance on these burets is established by ASTM E-287 and they are calibrated in accordance with ASTM E542.

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