PYREX® 50 mL Economy Grade Replacement Body ONLY

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L618-2116-50BO 6/CS $349.29


These are replacement bodies for the PYREX® 25 mL Economy Grade Burets (No. 2116-50).

An economical buret designed to reduce replacement costs by providing replaceable components. These sturdy, durable burets have tooled tops and bottoms and white enamel graduations. The screw thread locking PTFE stopcock with ground tip is compatible with Cat. No. 2116 existing buret bodies. Simply replace the stopcock assembly to benefit from the improved design. The new replaceable stopcock assembly features a screw thread locking nut and collar which ensures that the stopcock cannot fall out in use. Cat. No. 2116-GTO replaceable tip has a ground end which _provides a better grip and helps prevent the tip from falling out.

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Weight 28.8 oz
Dimensions 6.25 × 5.5 × 35.25 in
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