PYREX Accelerated One-Step Extractor-Concentrator System

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This revolutionary modular PYREX Accelerated One-Step extractor/concentrator performs extraction, concentration, and drying with the same apparatus and is designed for use with solvents of heavier specific gravity than sample being extracted. The required concentrator tube (2157-100T or 2157-100TJ) and the Allihn condenser (3840-MCO) must be purchased separately. Removable Snyder column sidearm allows easy cleaning. Meets the requirements of EPA SW-846 method 3520 and EPA Waste Water method 625 allowed in CLP statement of work OLMO2.0 for semi-volatiles and pesticides. Extraction and concentration steps can be performed outside the hood. However, as dictated by safe laboratory practices, we recommend that some type of ventilation system be used above or near the units in case of a drop in condenser water temperature or loss of condenser cold water supply.

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