PYREX® Single Metric Scale, 1L Graduated Cylinder, TC

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L618-3022-1L 1/CS $87.52


  • Round well design with a solid white flat bottom.
  • 2.8mm distance between well bottoms to plate bottom.
  • Ideal for miniaturized 384 well fluorescent homogeneous assays.
  • Nonbinding surface (NBS) is a Corning proprietary treatment technology used on polystyrene microplates to create a nonionic hydrophilic surface (polyethylene oxide-like) that minimizes molecular interactions.
  • Ideal for reducing protein and nucleic acid binding at low concentrations, and increasing assay signal to noise
  • Calibrated ñto contain,î with white enamel graduations. The 100 mL capacity is in accordance with ASTM E-133 and E-1272 and is used in ASTM tests D-86, D-216 and D-447. The 10 mL size has a funnel top. Bumper guards are supplied with 25 mL through 2000 mL sizes inclusive.

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