TE pH 7.4

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TE is composed of buffering agent Tris, and chelating agent EDTA. EDTA prevents degradation of DNA and RNA by chelating magnesium (or other divalent metal ions). Together, this Tris-EDTA based solution solubilizes DNA or RNA, while protecting it from degradation.

  • Filtered through a 0.22 µm membrane
  • DNase, RNase, and Protease tested


The use of TE with slightly different pH values is based on early 80’s literature that DNases are supposed to be less active at pH 8.0 and RNases less active at pH 7.5. You can use pH 8.0 for both DNA and RNA.

TE is useful for reconstituting nucleic acids, during DNA precipitation and other DNA applications, storing and diluting DNA and RNA, breaking protein-links in immuno-histochemistry procedures, and unmasking antigens and epitopes in formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded tissue sections.


Max Shelf Life: 36 months

Storage Conditions: 15°C to 30°C

Shipping Condition: ambient temperature

Sterile Filtered

DNase, RNase and Protease Tested

Product and/or packaging contains recycled/renewable content Product and/or packaging is recyclable or reduces waste Product and/or packaging is safer to human and environmental health

Harmonization Code: 3822.00.5090




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